“Ivana and Steven did our family photos in Lincoln Park, with our 10 month old baby girl. As you can imagine, shooting a very active busy infant can be challenging, but Ivana and Steven were so prepared, and ready that we were able to capture the most beautiful moments, in a very short amount of time (after about 30 minutes, the baby was over it). We are moving, and now have the best documented memories of our favorite part of the city. Thank you both we are SO happy with everything!”

- Harding Family


"Ivana and Steven were so great to work with for our son’s one year family photos. They were very responsive, offered us plenty of date options and suggested a pretty and convenient location.  We did the photoshoot on a very hot and humid day, so I was worried about how we would look, but of course, the photos turned out beautifully and you couldn’t tell how sweaty we were! They were both very patient with our son and did their best to get him to smile. They even brought him a birthday treat! They provided plenty of time to make sure we got enough photos. We never felt rushed and we progressed naturally throughout the shoot. Ivana and Steven are very reasonably priced and wonderful to work with. I definitely recommend them for any life event."

- Kosoff Family


"Ivana & Steven were the dream team for our wedding! This adorable husband and wife couple is beyond talented and made our special day even more magical. Between keeping us on schedule and dealing with our families, we could not imagine anything better!!! Looking forward to future photo events with them :)"

- Lauren & Adam Koenig


"Ivana & Steven were the ultimate dream team! They captured our daughters 1st birthday party & did the cutest family shoot + cake smash and we could not have asked for a better experience. They were easy to work with, great at communicating and the pictures turned out AMAZING! Not only that but they were so sweet with our daughter and managed to capture great photos despite her being fussy during the shoot. We highly recommend booking Ivana and Steven for ANY of your upcoming photo needs! :)"

- Stewart Family


"I can not say enough good things about working with Ivana & Steven. We had a New Years Eve wedding celebration and they captured every aspect of our evening. All of our guests raved about how personable they both were and the quality of the photos they shared. We loved the variety of posed photos they took which were framed perfectly for the venue, but what was more impressive were the candid photos they took to capture all of our in-between moments. They have an eye for catching the right shot at the right time and are very professional to work with. I highly recommend Ivana & Steven for anyone looking for a photographer for any event."

- Jenna & Nate Halm


"We had such a wonderful time working with Ivana! She captured beautiful photos of our family, which wasn’t easy with our little two-year-old running around. She’s accommodating, patient and has a great eye framing shots, posing everyone and capturing natural lighting in all her photos. We would definitely recommend Ivana & Steven to anyone who is looking for a great photographer!"

- Kou Family



"Family photos are no small undertaking, especially with two little boys. Ivana helped it feel effortless! Her style guide helped us plan a coordinated look and she picked a great location. She beautifully captured our family and kept things fun for my energetic boys. We love our photos and would highly recommend!"

- LaVire Family 


"We loved working with Ivana for our wedding! She was so calm, professional, and easy to work with before and during the wedding, which helped a nervous bride and groom. She also was able to capture such beautiful and special moments from the day. They tell the story perfectly, and we will look back on these pictures fondly. I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Kelley & Matt 

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 6.23.31 PM.png

"I hired Ivana on extremely short notice (2 days) to capture my surprise engagement at Buckingham Fountain. She was extremely responsive, easy-to-work with, and even met with me twice before the big surprise to talk through the entire engagement. And it was reassuring to know she arrived an hour early to scope out the space and texted me exactly where to propose for the best angle of the city and fountain. An extra bonus was that her husband was a second shooter for no extra charge! Highly recommended!"

- Tom & Janelle 

"Ivana photographed my bridal mehndi/henna party before my wedding, and she did a fantastic job! She captured all the details so well - the intricate artwork, the party set-up, the women in my family enjoying the occasion, the cute antics of the little kids in my family, all while integrating so well into the party. Ivana was so nice and accommodating leading up to the event and at the event, as we had lots of requests on what photos to take. She also gave guidance on capturing some really unique shots and took candid photos as well, so the full album had a really nice balance of photos! Ivana delivered sneak peeks and all the beautiful photos at such a quick turnaround. I'm so thrilled to have had her as my photographer for such a big occasion! Thanks, Ivana!!"

- Meera Wilmes

"Ivana took both our wedding and engagement pictures and we were very happy with them. We are both shy and Ivana knew we were uncomfortable in front of the camera and made it as painless as possible. A lot of wedding vendors are really hard to get in touch with and take forever to respond but Ivana always answered emails in a timely manner--usually the same day! Our pictures were back quickly as well. She is such a sweet person and we were happy to have her as part of our day."

- Sarah & Jimmy

“Ivana is simply amazing! I had asked her to do a photoshoot for my 6 month old and although she'd not explored babies yet she was happy to do so and boy am I glad that she did. She was punctual, and guided us on what she wanted to do in a very inviting way. It felt natural and fun, and she had already picked out spots where we could take the baby. Additionally as we were walking and taking pictures she asked us a lot about our background and to my surprise wrote a lovely snippet within her blog. Her turn-around time for edited photos was impeccable. I had imagined it to take at least a month and within that evening she had already given us a sneak peek and less than a week later I had pictures. THANK YOU Ivana! There are so many wonderful photos we cannot even choose our favorites :)"

- Bennett Family

"Ivana had excellent communication skills leading up to our big day and a positive, fun attitude when she showed up for our wedding. Getting your photo taken can feel tedious at times (especially if you're camera shy), but she made it a blast! We especially love some of the candid photos she shot. She had a very quick turnaround with getting our photos to us after the wedding. We loved seeing the sneak peeks on her social media account, as did our friends and family. The photos are gorgeous. We would absolutely recommend working with her. "

- Stephanie & James

“We loved having Ivana as a part of our wedding! Throughout the day, Ivana had a upbeat attitude that helped us stay on track and organized. She has a great eye for creative shots and her sweet spirit was a wonderful addition to our ceremony and reception. We definitely had fun taking pictures throughout the day. After the wedding, Ivana was quick to return our pictures to us. It was nice to receive the pictures while the wedding was still so fresh on our minds. We really love some of the reception shots that really capture the personalities of family and friends. We are so thankful to have some wonderful memories preserved for the future. Thank you, Ivana!”

– Beth & Michael 

“Planning a wedding out of state was not the easiest, so it was great to work with such a wonderful, helpful person like Ivana.  From start to finish Ivana was always there to answer my questions from afar, and keep me in the loop of what will happen on the BIG day!  Her easy going and friendly attitude definitely helped calm my nerves when we were taking the pictures before our ceremony, she always had a smile on!  The photographs are so very perfect.  I’d have to say that my husband and I are not the best at taking pictures. However, Ivana gave us very helpful guidance through it all.  I loved the way she captured so many different angles in our couples pictures as well as with our bridal party.  She also captured all the wonderful scenes of friends and family through the entire evening of our wedding.  Every time I look at them it takes me back to the best day of my life and thankful that I will have these wonderful memories forever! Thank you Ivana!”

– Kayla & Drew 

“After studying abroad with Ivana during the summer of 2011 and witnessing first hand her elegant eye for photographing her peers and the story of our summer, I was not surprised when she initiated Ivana Huang Photography, and I knew there would come a time where I would need to have her as my visual storyteller.

This time came in the Spring of 2014, when Ivana provided my then boyfriend and I with the service of a couple photo shoot. Previously, I worked with a different professional photographer twice for headshots for my acting pursuits, and so I arrived at our shoot with high standards; Ivana did not let me down. Her easy-going, effervescent personality warded off any potential nerves and the time flew by! Ivana was so open and receptive to our ideas, our desires, and our outfit changes, when our hour was up, she offered to stay for our last, but most anticipated, request: our fountain jump. Her willingness to stay beyond the hour truly showed me that Ivana has a high appreciation and respect for her clients’ desires.

Ivana’s excellent service continued after the shoot, as she uploaded and edited our images in a timely manner. I remember first opening the digital albums and being so delighted by the color and the life Ivana captured in the photos; she captured still stories in her frames that revealed the best pieces of what made us, us! The images were nothing short of beautiful in light, color, and framing.

Finally, after receiving these pictures and being overwhelmingly satisfied, I reached out to Ivana, asking her to take some headshots for me. Though this was not able to happen at the time (as we both moved to different parts of the country), I sincerely look forward to the day that it will.”

– Brittany Brewer

“I recently went through my graduation photos that Ivana took of me and was immediately taken back to the amazing place I now call my alma mater and the amazingly fun morning that I had nearly 3 months ago at this photo shoot. Graduating college is a huge deal in my family, I am the first on my mother’s side and the 7th on my father’s side, so everyone was looking forward to this celebration and since most of them were unable to attend my graduation pictures the photos were going to serve as their connection to this joyous event. I immediately knew Ivana was the perfect person to capture this moment, which I thought wasn’t going to be the easiest task. I absolutely hate showing my teeth while smiling for pictures because I have never found a way to do this in a way that looks natural and this was a request that everyone in my family made.

Firstly, Ivana was extremely flexible with the schedule and worked to accommodate my slightly crazy schedule. She was able to find a perfect time for myself and the location; there was barely anyone walking around campus at the time. I also felt comfortable enough around her that most of the pictures I took had me smiling naturally with my teeth. There were a lot of times that I forgot I was taking pictures, it felt like a fun morning walking around with campus with a great friend and talking about the past 4 years. I felt 100% like myself in front of a camera which has never happened before.

The photos turned out spectacular and I was extremely excited to send them to my family. My aunt delivered a couple of the photos to my grandmother who started to cry because she said it was the most beautiful picture of me EVER. She couldn’t decide which of the 3 pictures we sent her to keep out so she now has all three hanging throughout her house. This means so much to me because Ivana was able to capture a moment and allow me to share it with my grandmother who was too ill to attend my graduation, something that her and my recently deceased grandfather sacrificed so much so that I could have the opportunity to attend and graduate college.

When I look at the photos I am immediately taken back to Bloomington and all of the amazing people and experiences that filled my life during those 4 years. These are going to be pictures that I will treasure for the rest of my life and I know they could not have turned out better. If someone is looking for a way to capture a special occasion or even just a time with friends and freeze that moment in time to enjoy for years to come I would highly recommend Ivana.”

– Chelsea Skovran

“Ivana is such a terrifically gifted photographer! I LOVED the wedding pictures that she took, from start to finish. In the months leading up to my wedding, I spent a great deal of time contacting potential photographers. However, no company or individual I talked to could match Ivana’s skill especially in combination with her customer service. I had so many questions as a nervous planner, and she always answered quickly and fully. She really worked with me to make sure every moment that I thought was special was captured on camera. Ivana is flexible and super easy to work with. We actually had Ivana take both our engagement photos and our wedding photos. My fiancee and I had no idea what we wanted going into our first session, but Ivana worked with us to design pictures that were unique, beautiful, and really captured our engagement. During our wedding, she came prepared with ideas for different photos which all turned out to be my favorite pictures! If you hire Ivana, you won’t be disappointed!”

– Caroline & Alex

“After working with you over the summer on #OTeam12, I knew that you were hardworking and that with everything that you do, you give it your absolute best. Before we get into the incredible work that you do with photography and our photo shoots, Stephanie and I just wanted to say how fortunate we are to have you as a friend. Living in a world where it is unfortunately getting harder and harder every day to find people who bring passion, energy, and a sense of care with everything they do, it is nice to know that you exemplify all three of those qualities.

The photos that you have taken of us in the fall and in the spring are beautiful, and second to none. We love how creative you get with the whole process! Rather than it just being any old photo shoot, you take the time to ask where we would like to go to shoot, and then write a really cool blog on your website about the experience. Both of the shoots were really flexible, and it was cool how you were so open with the whole experience; it only made us feel more comfortable and it gave us the ability to be ourselves. To sum up what is extremely special about Ivana Huang Photography, is that Ivana isn’t just taking pictures for you; she’s creating little memories and special moments that will stick with you forever.

On top of everything else, we also appreciate how fast you get the pictures back to us in that we always look forward to putting your beautiful work on display. Again, we are extremely fortunate to have someone in our lives that is so talented in the work that you do. You will always be our photographer! Love the pictures!

– Brady & Stephanie 

“Ivana was an awesome photographer to work with. Not only was she dependable, but she was flexible and easy to work with. When she says her pictures have a heartbeat she means it. One of my favorite things about her pictures was how she worked with the sunlight. She really captured the spirit and warmth of our day and we have had so many compliments about the album, which was finished and returned to us promptly. I know several people who have waited several months to get their pictures back and we only had to wait a few weeks. I would give her 5 stars!”

– Lindsay & Chad

“Ivana was fantastic, and far exceeded my expectations!

She was super friendly and outgoing during the shoot, and very open to any suggestions throughout our time together. She was flexible and accommodating, and our pictures turned out better than I had expected. During the shoot, she kept things casual but had a clear vision for each frame. For two camera shy people like us, it was important that we were comfortable during the shoot, and for the entire hour we never felt awkward. Our finished photos were perfect, and we are so glad we chose Ivana to document our last fall in Bloomington. :) Would definitely recommend her to anyone, whether you need portraits, wedding or graduation pictures, or group pictures for any occasion. Thank you Ivana!!”

– Emmy & Ryan

“Ivana is an amazing photographer and has skill beyond what one might expect from a young professional. She took engagement photos of my fiance and I, and they turned out beautiful. We love them! She also took photos of the seniors of the sorority we belong to. They also turned out amazing! I highly recommend her. She is not only a great photographer, but she is also extremely professional and knows exactly what she is doing!”

– Ashleigh & John | May 2012