Welcome to I&S Photography!

Ivana & Steven are a husband & wife photography duo in Chicago focused on natural light, candid moments, and letting love shine. We create clean, joyful, and vibrant images and would love to get to know you!

We first met in youth group, and attended the same high school. Their shared time at Indiana University blossomed their friendship into a long distance relationship once Ivana moved to Michigan. Through the distance, the good, the hard, and the worth it, their relationship culminated in a marriage well worth the wait. God comes first in our marriage and we couldn't be more thankful for His plan in bringing us together!

We photograph weddings and families in Chicago but love to travel worldwide.

We are so glad you're here! Contact us, we would love to get to know you too :)

Our Favorites:

  • Weekend getaways to travel the world or visit Costco for free samples
  • Indulging in a new Netflix show
  • Biking along the Chicago lakefront
  • Being mischievous with our 2 cats, Matteo & Valentina
  • Board game nights, especially when it involves Settlers of Catan

Ivana Chen

  1. Lover of all things cozy, especially fuzzy socks, fur vests, and blankets.

  2. Eager host to guests, but won't know how to make coffee given she's a tea drinker.

  3. Big planner who loves to create agendas for vacations, birthdays, and surprise get-togethers.

  4. Can't watch scary movies unless you want her hiding behind pillows the whole time.

  5. Loves the idea of baking, but the precision required often leads to Pinterest fails.

Ivana's Favorites:

  • All things Anthropologie 
  • Ramen and any food adventures
  • Chamomile, jasmine, or chrysanthemum tea
  • Shark Tank (TV show)
  • Balayage hair
  • Comfy booties
  • Fleece lined leggings
  • Visiting NYC
  • Potlucks



Steven Chen

  1. News fanatic always keeping up with the latest. ProductHunt. WSJ. Techcrunch. You name it.

  2. Aspiring BMW or German car owner.

  3. Dog lover husband married to a cat loving wife. 

  4. Always seeking the perfect haircut (bonus points if it includes a neck or hand massage).

  5. Big fan of Conan, Colbert, James Corden, and Ellen DeGeneres' late night shows. 

Steven's Favorites:

  • Apple products and all things tech
  • Taiwanese food
  • Massages
  • Coffee
  • Friends (TV show)
  • Stout beers
  • Smart home devices
  • Start-up culture